The COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate communities around the globe. Thanks to the effort put forth by scientists, researchers, doctors, among many others, vaccines have been developed that have shown evidence of generating strong immune responses against the COVID-19 virus. As the scientific community and public officials have emphasized, widespread vaccination is an essential pillar of battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

BAPS Charities organized a COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in Chino Hills, CA on April 17, 2021, in collaboration with Walmart Pharmacy benefiting over 450 community members.

BAPS Charities was joined by a robust team of Walmart pharmacy staff, Carolina Rojas from Congresswoman Young Kim’s Office, Nathan Bass from California State Senator Josh Newman’s Office, Chino Hills Mayor Brian Joshz, and firefighters from the Chino Valley Independent Fire District.

James Lorenzana, a Chino Hills resident, got his vaccine at the BAPS Charities clinic. “We just found out about this clinic from our neighbor, she saw the Mayor’s post on social media, and in 15 minutes we were here! It was so quick and painless. The whole process was so quick and efficient. Having it at this location was convenient. Thanks to the volunteers for serving the community.”

On Saturday, 450 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were administered to members of the Southern California community. This is part of California’s larger effort to vaccinate anyone over 16 years of age.

Carolina Rojas, Field Representative for Congresswoman Young Kim joined the BAPS Charities drive to thank the volunteers, “This clinic was much needed for our community. On behalf of Congresswoman Young Kim, I want to thank BAPS Charities for serving the community during this time. Together, with events and collaborations like these, we can put the worst of the pandemic behind us. Close to 500 people will get their first dose today and your service is much appreciated.”

California has administered over 20 million vaccinations and currently has the lowest positivity rate for COVID-19 in the United States. Through mass-scale vaccination drives such as these, California’s public continues to work toward the eventual goal of vaccinating everyone who is eligible. BAPS Charities is also a proud member of the White House’s Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Community Corps aiming to end this pandemic by boosting vaccine confidence, access and availability. BAPS Charities engaged through culturally relevant vaccine education, strong community partnerships, and equitable vaccine access.

Mr. Khoi Le, Market Manager for Walmart, led the efforts from the Walmart team. He applauded the volunteers and facility. “Thank you to BAPS Charities for hosting this clinic and opening up their beautiful facility for this vaccination clinic. Your volunteers, setup and organization are instrumental in the success of these clinics. We have heard so much great feedback from the vaccine recipients who are leaving with a warm smile on their face and in awe of the splendor of the location. We at Walmart appreciate your partnership.”

Through the Walmart Pharmacy staff’s professional support, participants were guided through the registration process, received their vaccinations, and were provided post-vaccination care. BAPS Charities volunteers played an essential role in ensuring that the vaccinated patients had a pleasant and smooth experience. In particular, the volunteers assisted in providing socially distanced flow, sanitization protocols, and translation services.

In line with historical campaigns such as flu vaccine drives, blood donation drives, health awareness lectures, health fairs, and BAPS Charities has endeavored to support all individuals’ health and well-being. Battling the misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and providing vaccination infrastructure is in line with that mission.